Work History

Royal Australian Air Force

21 Years!

I joined the Royal Australian Air Force straight out of school and learned the adminstration trade while transferring around the country. I finished my career working in Canberra as a software tester for the Air Force's personnel database systems.

Australain Public Service

22 Years!

Straight out of the Air Force and into the Australian Public Service! After Y2K testing, I transitioned into web development and content management. I finished my second career improving web accessibility and coding for the Department's Community forum site.


2 Years ...

I retired! In between lawn bowls administration, playing bowls, household maintenance, and generally enjoying life, I'm learning all the web stuff I didn't have time to learn while I was working! I have no plans to do anything with this new knowledge (at this stage).



University of Technology Sydney
University of South Australia
Australian Web Industry Association
World Wide Web Consortium
Royal Australian Air Force
Bowls Australia
Bowls Tasmania South
Sorell Bowls Club
St Kilda Football Club
Cronulla Sharks